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3 Benefits of a Zone Control HVAC System

A zone control system utilizes several HVAC units for your home or business. Each zone has its own unit and unique temperature settings. You can even install a different unit in each room for the ultimate customization, but that’s usually not necessary. You’ll still get to enjoy these 3 benefits when you heat and cool the rooms in zones.
Energy Efficiency
The biggest advantage of a zoning system is the energy savings. Since you’re not heating or cooling the spaces you’re not using, you’re not wasting energy. Traditional comfort systems heat and cool your entire area through the duct work. That means to stay warm at night, you’re also paying to heat every other room in your home or office.
Customizable Temperature
Instead of heating and cooling each room equally, you get to decide which temperature your rooms or zones should have.
No More Hot or Cold Spots
Sometimes homes and offices have areas that are either hot or cold. Zone control heating and cooling, those hot and cold spots will be a thing of the past. In fact, you can adjust the temperature your HVAC unit is running at for each zone to keep it comfortable.
Zone control systems are useful for any type of home or business. Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling can help you outfit your home or business with a zone control system, so you can enjoy all the benefits!



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