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Air Scrubber – June Product of The Month

Live Healthier

Here in Portland, OR we all dread the flu season and we all want to be at our best.  When flu season comes, we hope the flu shot does what it should, or that the next respiratory illness doesn’t strike.  Especially for those young and old, or with compromised immune systems, breathing clean air is a must.  Developed by NASA, the air scrubber was designed to keep you and your family healthy by providing you with clean air.


What Does It Do?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental dangers.  The Air Scrubber Plus allows you to breathe a bit easier as it acts as a  24/7 filtration system.  It purifies the air, reduces strong odors, cuts down on the germs and viruses that are in your home.  It sends out scrubbers throughout your home to reduce what is floating in your home.  This includes chemicals, mold, other pollutants in the air and on your counter-tops and door knobs.  It also helps those that suffer from allergies.



The air scrubber cleans the air by having it pass thru a filter that can remove contaminants.  They are usually installed in your duct work, so that the air coming from your furnace and a/c will pass thru this scrubber and then into your home.  AN HVAC contractor can easily install one of these.

Check out this video  to see what the Air Scrubber can do for you.

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