Ever have one of those days where you know you have a list of things to accomplish, and you didn’t make a checklist. Then there is that nagging feeling that you forgot something.  The end of the day comes, you’re sitting on the couch, getting ready to watch Netflix, and you realize that you forgot to pay the electric bill. And that potluck for work tomorrow….may just be missing one dish,  since the signature dish you were supposed to make takes a couple of hours.

The best part is when you are lying in bed at night; trying to fall asleep, but instead your brain is trying to remember everything you did that day and what else you may have missed.  Your brain shifts to the things you need to get done the next day, and you start making a mental checklist , hoping you don’t forget.

Importance of a Checklist

Just as important as it is for us to make a checklist of things we need to get done for the day, it is crucial that a good HVAC company has a checklist for installations. It is a matter of trust between you and your HVAC contractor.  You have to trust they they are sending someone who will follow the codes, do a high quality job, and that you can trust will be there should something go wrong.  I could not imagine having someone come out to my home to do work that I didn’t feel comfortable with or feel that I could not trust them.

As a homeowner, your heating and cooling system is one of the most important and expensive investments you make for your home. It is not something to be taken lightly. We all have our off days. We all make mistakes, or forget something. It’s not intentional, things happen. That is why it is SO important that when you are having anything done to your home, there is a checklist for you to go thru and approve with the person who is doing the work. It’s to ensure your satisfaction as well as ensuring the installer does not miss anything.  Pride in workmanship should be top priority.  If the company will not back it with a workmanship guarantee then you maybe want to continue looking.

Any HVAC company that is reputable will always go over a checklist with you to ensure everything is complete, done with the highest quality and to your satisfaction. It will require your signature, as well as the installers. It should include a place for notes where the installer can leave notes for anything that needs to be completed or is not to a customer’s satisfaction.

The checklist should also fit the type of installation you are having done. If a ductless heat pump is being installed, then the checkoff list should reflect that. It should not be a general check list that is for any install, as heat pump installs are not exactly the same as an air conditioner installs. Same thing goes for a high efficient gas furnace, which is not the same as an 80% gas furnace. Each type of install should have its own tailored checklist.

When looking for an HVAC company, be sure to ask what their process is for installs, and for ensuring the workmanship is of the highest quality.  Be sure to give us a call today for a FREE quote @ 503-698-2665.


Tis the holiday season, and holiday parties. Here are a few heating tips to help you and your guests stay comfortable and enjoy family, friends and fun during your holiday party.

Even just doing a couple of these things can make your party go smoother, instead of having to make that dreaded “no heat” call to your local HVAC company.  Especially since chances are you will either have to pay for the overtime call, or wait a week or two for them to come out, as so many HVAC companies tend to fill appointments fast during the cold season.

If you are in need of a furnace or heat pump maintenance, give us a call @ 503-698-2665.


And Over Again!


I know we have said it before, and we will continue to say it. It may be a little emphatic, but it’s so true. Some of you may think why? Or “I don’t even know where its located or how to change it!” Others think “As long as I change it at least once a year its all good.” I am here to tell you it’s not! Especially if you have a heat pump or air conditioner.

Whenever people start to fire up their gas furnace or heat pump/air conditioner, and it doesn’t work, they will call their HVAC company to come out. While HVAC companies appreciate that, there is something you can do to save yourself some money.


One of our specialties here at #Comfortsolutionspdx is educating our customers. I mean, if it saves you a service call then why not?!?! Right now, many of you are just firing up your furnaces since the cold weather has hit #Portland. If you have a heat pump or air conditioner, you may not realize that you use that filter in your furnace 12 months out of the year.  You NEED to be changing your filter on a regular basis before you end up causing damage to your heating and cooling system.

The cold air from your air conditioner and the warm air from your furnace come out of the same vents.  Even though the furnace is not producing any heat while operating the a/c, it still delivers the cold air throughout your home with the same blower and passing through the same air filter. This is why, no matter what the season, you should regularly change your air filters.

At Comfort Solutions we are getting so many calls about how or when to change the air filter. For a 1″ filter, you should change it every 3 months.  For a 4″ filter you should check it every 6 months, and for a Merv 11 filter, you should change it every year.  If you are finding that your filters are needing to be changed more often, then you may want to have your ducts cleaned.

Many customers call when their heating or cooling stops working. One of the first things we ask is when did you last change your filter? 8 out of 10 people say they have no idea when the last time it was changed. Changing your filter on your furnace is usually one of the last things we think about given our busy lives, but it is one of the most inexpensive things you can help with costly repairs in the future.

When it comes time to change out the filter, make sure you have turned of your equipment.  Pull the filter out and hold it up to the light.  If you can see thru it, then you can get a little more life out of it.  If you are having issues seeing thru it, then it needs to be replaced.


Remember a clean filter is what helps prevent the bad stuff, like pollen, bacteria and dust from getting into your house.  Once this gets plugged, air cannot get thru, and it will cause your blower to stop working.  And things can just get worse from there.  So save yourself some time, and money and change those filters.

As always, give us a call @ 503-698-2665 to order filters or even upgrade your filters.





Here at Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling, we understand that purchasing a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump is an investment for your home and comfort.  You expect comfort and value and you want to make sure you get the most out of it.  No one wants to deal with having their heating or cooling equipment not run as it should.  Replacing parts every couple of years, or the increase in your energy bill can take a hit to the wallet. That is why we suggest a maintenance agreement.

Think of your heating and cooling system as a car.  Your car needs oil changes, brake pads, and tune ups on a regular basis in order for it to run its best and to avoid some of the expensive repairs that can happen when you don’t.  Your HVAC equipment is the same way.  You want to ensure that your equipment is running at its best.  This includes regular cleanings, and an experienced technician go thru the equipment to spot any potential problems.

Most HVAC companies in the Portland Metro area offer some type of maintenance agreement.  Usually they offer 3 different levels based on your needs. The great thing about these is that it allows you to not have to worry. You pay for the plan up front. You get a call to remind you that its time for the maintenance.  Depending on what plan you choose, you will get certain benefits all worth while because these plans help extend the life of your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump and stave off costly repairs and that increase in your energy bill.

Contact us here at Comfort Solutions and ask to speak to the service department about our maintenance agreements.

Portland, OR is going to see temperatures hitting above 100 degrees this week.  If you are lucky enough to have air conditioning then keep reading because this blog can help you with keeping your home cooler without relying heavily on your air conditioner.  That means less energy bills and money savings.  If you don’t have air conditioning, then read on for a few tips to help you stay cool this summer.

When summer hits, especially when temperatures are hitting above 100, HVAC companies are working around the clock to get them up and running or trying to get them installed.  It isn’t unusual to call for an install or service appointment and have to wait a week or two, sometimes even three.  Its the peak of the air conditioner season.  If you are having to wait then you may want to check out a few of these tips to help keep you cool, or if you don’t have an air conditioner then these may help you stay cool.


3 Ways to Help You Stay Cool


 Fans! Fans! Fans!

If you have ceiling fans now is a great time to use them. Just be sure they are at the optimized setting so they are circulating the cool air. Remember warm air rises and cold air stays at the bottom so you want to get that air to circulate.

Also, if you have the fan blowing out your window at night will help you drop the temperature in your home when its cooler at night. The cooler air will come in, and you will be blowing the hot air out.  If the air outside isn’t very cool then its best to keep the fan blowing on you at night.

Some people have suggest to put a bowl of ice in front your fan to that it will create cold air and blow a mist on you while you sleep at night.


 Egyptian Method

This method is based on how the ancient Egyptians would stay cool on hot nights. You just need to soak a sheet or blanket in cold water. Then wring it out so it is damp. You use this as a blanket. The water will evaporate and you will stay cool but not wet.

This is the same method but on a smaller scale like when our parents would say to use a cold washcloth on our foreheads or put an ice pack on our head to help keep cool.


Block Out the Heat

One of the best ways to keep your home from getting hotter is to keep the sun out.  Nowadays you can purchase thermal curtains that can help block out the sun, and keep the heat coming in to a minimum.  You can find them in almost every size, and color.

Once it starts to cool down, then you can open the curtains and windows and let that hot air escape.

You will also want to try and insulate your windows.  This is just as important for the summer months as it is in the winter.  It will help keep the hot air out during the hot months and keep the warm air in during the cold months.

Using all three of methods will help stay a little cooler so you can get thru those hot summer days.





The warm weather seems to be finally sticking around here in Portland, OR.  The sunshine is starting to be more frequent then the rain.  That means warmer temperatures.  Time to start cranking down the indoor temperature and get that air conditioner running.  This time of year, we here at Comfort Solutions start getting a lot of calls on air conditioners freezing up.

If you have done your annual maintenance on your air conditioner then chances are you won’t have an issue this summer.  After all, it is about the only way to minimize the chances of having something seriously go wrong with your equipment.  For the rest of us, we just pray that it makes it thru the summer.  Problem is that it if something is going to go wrong, it usually happens at the hottest part of the year.

Before you make that first call to your HVAC contractor, turn off your air conditioner, and turn on the fan.  For a service technician to diagnose the issue, the system needs to be defrosted.  It usually only takes a day, sometimes two, depending on the size of the unit, how much ice has accumulated and how much sun hits it in order to help it defrost faster.

Restricted Air Flow

If your air conditioner is frozen, check your air filter.  If the filter is dirty, it will restrict the air flow.  This means that there is no air flowing thru your air conditioner to prevent the condensate on the coil from freezing.

You may be able to save yourself a little bit of money by defrosting the unit.  Just turn off the unit, and turn on the fan.  Check and if needed, replace the air filter.  Once it has defrosted, start your air conditioner back up.  If it starts cooling then the dirty air filter may be your culprit.

Even if you are one that gets annual maintenance on their heating and cooling equipment, you may want to set a reminder to check your filter every three months.  Your heating and cooling will thank you for it.

Refrigerant Leaking

If defrosting the air conditioner, and changing the filter does not help, then you may have a refrigerant leak.  Leaks can happen for a variety of reasons.  If your air conditioner is an r-22, then you may need to consider replacing it over repairing it. R-22 refrigerant is higher in cost because of being phased out, so prepare yourself  for a high repair bill.

R-410 units are a little easier to repair.  This because the cost of replacing the refrigerant isn’t as high. It may be more cost effective to purchase a new unit if your current one is old.

It is always best to check with your local HVAC contractor to get a cost of repair vs a quote for new equipment to help you decide.


You pull out your filter from your furnace because you know its time for a filter change. As you are looking for the size of the filter, you notice it says Merv 8.  Not sure what it means, you head to the local hardware store or for some us, we call our local heating and cooling company to see about getting a filter replacement.  They ask you about the size and Merv rating you are needing?

You may or may not know that filters come in different Merv Ratings.  Depending on your need, your Merv rating may be different the the standard.

The Merv Rating

Below is the Merv rating for filters.

Keep in mind that depending on the filter you need, will depend on what the filter is made of.  Filters comes in disposable, washable, cartridges, and pleated  filters.

You can contact your local HVAC company to get the size and Merv rating you are needing as well as the cost.  You may also want to check on signing up for annual maintenance plans, as these usually include discounts, filter replacements at time of maintenance, as well as other benefits to make extending the life of you heating and cooling equipment a little easier.

There are many HVAC companies in Portland, OR.  You want to choose and HVAC company that is there for you, not your wallet.  Any time you are looking for a heating and cooling company to bring comfort to your home, whether it is Comfort Solutions or another company, you may want to check out these tips to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

What To Look For:

Ask Friends and Family – Referrals are great!  Many companies offer some type of payment program for referrals.

Trust Your Gut – The company you pick will most likely be the one that you will have a long term relationship with.  There employees will be coming into your home for routine maintenance and repairs.

Do Your Homework – Do they have a CCB number?  Are they NATE certified? Are they a member for the Better Business Bureau?  Do they have a long standing reputation?  There is no point on going with a company that may not be in business very long.  If they go out of business then their warranty for labor and possibly parts will be invalid.

Check Out the Reviews – Every company will have some bad reviews.  No one, not even a company can please everyone.  What you can do is look at the picture as a whole.  Do they respond to their feedback?  Do the positive reviews outweigh the few bad apples?

Price Isn’t Everything – The lowest price may not be the best choice. You want to make sure you are not getting something the company is just trying to unload.  Make sure they are not excluding permits, or warranties.  Some companies will cut pricing by cutting warranties.  Always check the fine print.

The heating and cooling industry is not regulated so you need to make sure you pick a company that will take care of you and  your family.  When it comes to making one of the biggest purchases for your home, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.



What Is It?

Here at Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, Inc we are getting a lot of questions asking what SEER means?  The quotes that people are getting when looking to add an air conditioner or heat pump will usually list the SEER as well as other information to help people decide which unit is best for their home.

People don’t spend a lot of time explaining what it means. Usually, you get information on the  benefits of each unit and rarely touch on what it is and how it can give you information on each air conditioner.

What does SEER stand for?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This means that the amount of cooling that is produced to cool the home during the cooling season(the BTU’s) is divided by the amount of electricity used. The higher the SEER rating the better the air conditioner’s efficiency.

If you are looking for a unit that has an Energy Star Label, then those unit will be at a 15 SEER or higher.

Even the basic models nowadays have a higher SEER then those from 15-20 years ago.  You have to keep in mind that even those that have a high SEER, like a 21 SEER, will not always perform at that level.  It just means that it can get up that high, but may in fact go lower.

A SEER rating isn’t the only determination of efficiency. You need to take into account the units quality and longevity, how often you plan to run it, the EER rating, what temperature you plan to keep your home at, as well as size of the unit.  Your sales consultant can help you in determining which size if right for your home.

The SEER is only a part of what can help you decide which unit is right for you.  Contact us for a free quote to help you decide which unit is best for your home.

When Did You Last Check Your Filter?

Dirty filters are a frequent source of issues when it comes to your heating and cooling system.  Instead of calling an HVAC company first, you may be able to save yourself a little bit of money by checking out your filter.

In the summer, your air conditioner requires the use of your furnace in order to push the air into your home.  This means that air is traveling thru your filter, which will cause it to get dirty.  Not changing your filter will cause the evaporator coils to freeze up because the air flow is restricted.  Not good when your trying to keep cool during these hot Portland, OR days.

In the winter, your heat exchangers will overheat and will shut down, so your house never warms up.  The limit switch that is in place as a safeguard could eventually fail, and then your furnace won’t come on at all. With the winter we just had here in Portland, OR  not having a properly working furnace can have serious consequences.

If you use a dirty air filter, then the blower fan must work harder to push air thru. This causes more energy use, which will affect your energy bill. Using a dirty filter will also spread any mold or bacteria growing on your filter throughout the house.

So make sure that in-between your annual maintenance’s, you are checking your filter every 2- 3 months, and replace as needed.


Window A/C to Central A/C Worth the Investment?

Do you have a window air conditioner? Ever wonder what it would be like if you had central air or even if its worth switching? Are you concerned they are costing more than putting in central air?

A Few Things to Remember About Window Air Conditioner Units

  1. They tend to sweat which mean they will introduce moisture into the room.
  2. Window units are hard to seal which means that some of that hot and humid air will come into the room, not to mention bugs.  YUCK!
  3. They can get very loud with decibel levels being as high as 82 decibels.
  4. In order for you to get the most out of them you either need to buy a cover for them or take them down and put them up every year.
  5. They can get expensive to run.
  6. Perfect choice if your only needing to cool down 1 or 2 rooms.

Window units are cheaper in terms of the expense of buying one versus switching to central air conditioning, but you still have to maintain the unit in order to get the most out of it.  They also have the added benefit of being something you can install yourself.  The draw back comes when you are trying to cool down several rooms, which means you are running several units.  This means you are not being very efficient with cooling and your electric bill will be going up pretty quickly.

Central Air

Central air is great if you have duct work in place.  Even switching up to a heat pump will help save on both your heating and cooling bill.  Most air conditioners nowadays have a higher SEER then days gone by.  SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is important because  it tells a homeowner the relative amount of energy that is needed to provide a certain level of cooling.

A Few thing to Remember About Central Air

  1. You don’t need duct work in place to get cooling.  Ductless heat pumps are another option to get cooling for a particular space.
  2. Central air can keep the whole house cool instead of just one room, which can also make it more cost effective in the long run.
  3. More aesthetically pleasing then having several window units all over your house.
  4. Depending on which type you get, it may help to dehumidify your home. (see a HVAC specialist to see which is the best for your home).
  5. Today’s model are most energy efficient.

If you are just not sure which is the best for your home, give Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling a call.  The consult is free and it may just help you determine what is best for you and your home.

Spring is here in beautiful Portland, OR!

Well, as good as its going to get for now.   We seem to be continuing to experience cool temperatures and LOTS of rain.  Even with that, many of us have already started on spring cleaning.  After all, it’s Oregon, and a little rain does not bother us Oregonian’s.  So while your cleaning out your closet to get rid of that t-shirt collection that someone in the house thinks is a great homage to every concert they have been to since they were 16, or that treadmill that has just been collecting dust in your garage since the last new year (2016), make sure your air conditioner/heat pump maintenance is on your to do list.

You pay all this money for comfort, so it is always best to be proactive and make sure its in top working order.  Not to mention, the air conditioner/heat pump always seems to go out at the hottest time of the year.  Which of course is when it’s nearly impossible to find any heating & cooling company that can come out within the same week, let alone the same month.  If you do not catch any issue early enough, it could end up costing you.  Possibly, a new unit if it goes unchecked, and that isn’t cheap.

For most of us, it’s probably been a year or more since we had our cooling looked at.  In that time, a years’ worth of dirt and debris will have clogged the coil fins. (Coil fins are those aluminum fin like things that are on the evaporator and condenser coils.)  They bend easily, which then blocks air flow thru the coil.  This means that not enough cool air is coming into the house.  Good news is they can be put back with a fin comb.

A leak could have also developed over that time.  If you have even the smallest leak, you will have lost refrigerant, which will directly affect how much cooling you will have.  As the coolant continues to leak you will eventually lose all coolant and that can get to be an expensive repair.  Just as an FYI, if you have an older unit that uses R-22, its time to start budgeting for a new unit.  Even if your unit is working just fine, R-22 is being phased out.  This means that the cost of using R-22 will continue to rise.  Check out this link for more information.  New systems now use R-410, which is much better for the environment and your repair bill for replacing refrigerant will be a lot less.

What you should expect from an air conditioner/heat pump maintenance?

Make sure to have your air conditioner/heat pump serviced when it is at least 60 degrees out.  This will ensure that the system is working correctly and not just working with the cold air outside.

The technician should do at minimum the following:

They should pretty much check the entire unit, inside and out.  A good service technician will go over their findings with you and be able to show you anything that is concerning.

What You Can Do

Make sure you are changing your air filter regularly.  A plugged air filter will restrict the air flow and cause your system to work harder than it should. This can result in your system developing issues sooner.  If you are in need of a filter, contact Comfort Solutions (Mention this blog, and get 10% off the filter purchase).  They can replace the filter while out for your air conditioner/heat pump maintenance.

To keep your air conditioner protected thru the wet and snow months, you can purchase an air conditioning cover.  The best covers are ones that are made specifically for your unit so you know you’re getting the best fit. Contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling and we can get a customized air conditioner cover ordered for you and shipped directly to your home.  (If you mention this blog, you can save 10% on that too!)

You just need to remember to take it off the unit before you are going to start using it.  Bad things will happen if you forget your cover is on, and you start running your air conditioner. After all, it needs air to run and a cover would prevent that from happening.  Also, you will still want to check your unit after any storms, first to make sure it didn’t fly off (it happens on occasion), and second, because debris can still work its way in.

You can also clean off your unit by using simple green.  Clean it well, and hose it off.  This will help keep the dirt and debris out.  Just make sure to turn off the unit first.

Lastly,  call a heating and cooling company.  If something is wrong and a maintenance doesn’t fix it, then their service technician should be able to pinpoint the issue and offer a solution to fix it.