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What Does Merv Rating Mean?

You pull out your filter from your furnace because you know its time for a filter change. As you are looking for the size of the filter, you notice it says Merv 8.  Not sure what it means, you head to the local hardware store or for some us, we call our local heating and cooling company to see about getting a filter replacement.  They ask you about the size and Merv rating you are needing?

You may or may not know that filters come in different Merv Ratings.  Depending on your need, your Merv rating may be different the the standard.

The Merv Rating

Below is the Merv rating for filters.

  • Merv 1 thru 4 – Residential, minimum light commercial, minimum protection.
  • Merv 5 thru 8 – Industrial workplaces commercial, residential pain booth, finishing.
  • Merv 9 thru 12 – Superior, residential, industrial workplaces, commercial buildings.
  • Merv 13 thru 16 – Smoke removal, general surgery hospital and health care, commercial buildings.
  • Merv 17 thru 20 – Hospital surgery suite, and clean rooms.

Keep in mind that depending on the filter you need, will depend on what the filter is made of.  Filters comes in disposable, washable, cartridges, and pleated  filters.

You can contact your local HVAC company to get the size and Merv rating you are needing as well as the cost.  You may also want to check on signing up for annual maintenance plans, as these usually include discounts, filter replacements at time of maintenance, as well as other benefits to make extending the life of you heating and cooling equipment a little easier.



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