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NEST Thermostat

Our home is like a nest.  We seek warmth there on cold nights, shelter when the Portland rain comes, even cooling when the hot sun is beating down on us.  It is a safe place to raise our children, for others its where we can cuddle up by a fire with our significant other, or even just to be able to shut out the rest of the world.

No matter what you call it, we all need a place to come home to.  It is where we can recharge our batteries, and enjoy this great place that surrounds us.  With that thought in mind came the idea of the NEST thermostat.  A way for people to help improve the environment around them so that the next generation can have their own idea of home.

One important way of helping this beautiful state of ours is by helping to reduce emissions and conserve energy.  At least half the energy you produce in your home comes from your heating and cooling, and your thermostat controls that.

The NEST provides the ability to ensure your heating and cooling is being used as efficiently as possible.   Energy savings means your helping do your part in making this world a little better and as an added bonus, it will help you save money.

Benefits of a NEST Thermostat include:

  • WI-Fi Enabled
  • Free App on Apple and Android Devices
  • Large display
  • 7 day programming (Has an energy saving schedule)
  • Automatic software downloads
  • Universal compatibility
  • Smart response technology
  • Click here for additional benefits

Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling is offering a special thru the month of May.  Purchase a NEST thermostat thru us and have it installed for $349.  This includes the installation of the thermostat, and initial set-up.  Call us for more information: 503-698-2665.

If you have a ducted heat pump or electric furnace, you could save $50 from Portland General Electric and $50 from Energy Trust of Oregon (Click on the links for more details).



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