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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water When the AC Is On?

Although this sounds like one of the worst issues that could happen, it is usually one of the easiest problems to fix and avoid.  By making sure you are on an annual maintenance plan, you can eliminate the stress and costly repairs that can come from neglecting your heating and cooling equipment.  Making sure you have a ClearView Ptrap installed can save you money as well.

Air conditioning units will produce condensation. Most of the time you have a drain pipe that will take the water out to a drain.  If this becomes clogged, then you will see water coming out from where it shouldn’t.  A lot of times it will come from under the furnace.  Your next step is to call your your local Portland, OR HVAC contractor to come out.

One way to avoid future calls to clear your drain is to have a ClearView Ptrap installed.  This allows you to see the clog and clear the drain yourself with the brush that is included.  The cost of having one installed versus having to call out an HVAC contractor can save you hundreds of dollars.

Below is what one installed will look like.  Its easy to clear the clog with the brush that is attached.

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