We had to replace the A/C because the compressor locked up, had decided to replace both the A/C and the furnace because they were both over 15 yrs old. Greg Marshall came out and looked over the situation and made a couple of recommendations. Now let me tell you, he was very professional and knew his stuff. But here’s the deal… HE NEVER TRIED TO OVERSELL! He told me what I needed and why. When I called him later asking about a more powerful ( more expensive) system his reaction was priceless! He simply asked “why?” Explained to me why the system he suggested was the best. I was super impressed. We signed the contract and set up an install date. ( last Friday)
The install guys were impressive! They had clearance issues and overall a hard situation to deal with, but that didn’t slow them for a second. They listened to how I wanted the system to be installed and they did an amazing job getting it done. Theses guys are rockstars. Seriously.
So yesterday I noticed a noise I was unfamiliar with coming from the outside unit. Gave the office a call and wouldn’t you know, they had the install guys out here in a couple of hours. Turns out there was simply a panel that had come loose and was vibrating. They snugged it up and all was well.
Best experience I’ve ever had with ANY company, let alone a heating and cooling company.
These guys have a customer for life.

Arin U