Heating crew came on August 22, 2017 at 8:30am. Two men worked on removing old furnace and installing new furnace. It required vent to go out the side of the house and water to drain outside the house. They were easy going and finished the work around 3pm. The crew cleaned up the mess and courteous. I run my vacuum after and wiped the dust. Old furnace was 80% eff with 1″ air filter and new furnace is high eff with 2″ air filter and nicer thermostat. The crew installed fan switch next to the furnace and water pump for condensation to drain outside the house with its own outlet and switch. I feel they did a good job. The fan has been running since then for over an hour with that switch on. Reason for switch is because the line from furnace to thermostat is old line with single wire that only turns on and off. I need to hire them for fishing the wire from furnace through wall cavity and to the thermostat so it can control the furnace fully.

Parker K