“Nothing like the power being out during the snow/ice storm to free up time for an overdue review.

Mason came out a few weeks ago to inspect our 20+ year old little Rheem furnace. It died and I fully expected it to need replacing. But Mason was able to get it running again plus gave it a good cleaning! He shared that my furnace was an overachiever, partly due to it's simple build. What a relief! It will need replacing in a bit but buys me time to save up for our planned central heat & air – I'll certainly be contacting Comfort for this job.

Besides Mason being knowledgeable and efficient he had no interest in up selling – I appreciated his practicality. And now that I've gotten power back the furnace is running like a champ!

Cudos to the front office staff too. They were able to get Mason out quickly and worked well with me with getting needed parts and billing.

I chose Comfort Solutions in part due to the reviews and am glad to add my mine to the others.”

– Zelda A.