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Spring Cleaning is right around the corner. As our winter days close we spring into warmer, comfier weather.

Thinking about the dreaded spring cleaning that we all do. Starting with removing the clutter, moving the stove out and cleaning behind it, getting the lawn mower tuned up and ready for the grass that is to come. Did you know that it’s not too early to begin thinking about your cooling system for the warmer weather heading into the summer months? It may seem like an eternity now, but preparedness through yearly maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump may help prevent breakdowns in the middle of our summer’s heat. This will be a warm summer here in the Pacific Northwest.

If your home or office system is not operating properly or needs its annual maintenance.
You could be taxing your equipment and may be using more energy and your system may not cool your home or office as well as you desire. Older comfort systems can cost twice as much to operate compared to new higher efficiency system that are available today.

Let Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling keep you comfortable in your home and at work. We are always looking for ways to easily and more efficiently cool our homes and offices during the summer months. Here are two solutions we have to offer:

1. Schedule a preventative maintenance on your existing air conditioner or heat pump.
2. Replace your air conditioner or heat pump if it is antiquated.

You may ask yourself, do I really need to have my cooling system serviced annually? The answer is yes
First many of our service calls could have been prevented with proper maintenance. It will allow you to have peace of mind that your equipment is operating at its optimal efficiency.
Second manufacturers recommended to have your system maintained on an annual basis.

If you’re not thinking maintenance and your air conditioner or heat pump is older, using too much electricity, and leaving a huge carbon footprint it may be time to replace your equipment. We are in your neighborhood and provide Comfort you can feel and service your can count on weather it is for your home or business.



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