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I know we have said it before, and we will continue to say it. It may be a little emphatic, but it’s so true. Some of you may think why? Or “I don’t even know where its located or how to change it!” Others think “As long as I change it at least once a year its all good.” I am here to tell you it’s not! Especially if you have a heat pump or air conditioner.

Whenever people start to fire up their gas furnace or heat pump/air conditioner, and it doesn’t work, they will call their HVAC company to come out. While HVAC companies appreciate that, there is something you can do to save yourself some money.


One of our specialties here at #Comfortsolutionspdx is educating our customers. I mean, if it saves you a service call then why not?!?! Right now, many of you are just firing up your furnaces since the cold weather has hit #Portland. If you have a heat pump or air conditioner, you may not realize that you use that filter in your furnace 12 months out of the year.  You NEED to be changing your filter on a regular basis before you end up causing damage to your heating and cooling system.

The cold air from your air conditioner and the warm air from your furnace come out of the same vents.  Even though the furnace is not producing any heat while operating the a/c, it still delivers the cold air throughout your home with the same blower and passing through the same air filter. This is why, no matter what the season, you should regularly change your air filters.

At Comfort Solutions we are getting so many calls about how or when to change the air filter. For a 1″ filter, you should change it every 3 months.  For a 4″ filter you should check it every 6 months, and for a Merv 11 filter, you should change it every year.  If you are finding that your filters are needing to be changed more often, then you may want to have your ducts cleaned.

Many customers call when their heating or cooling stops working. One of the first things we ask is when did you last change your filter? 8 out of 10 people say they have no idea when the last time it was changed. Changing your filter on your furnace is usually one of the last things we think about given our busy lives, but it is one of the most inexpensive things you can help with costly repairs in the future.

When it comes time to change out the filter, make sure you have turned of your equipment.  Pull the filter out and hold it up to the light.  If you can see thru it, then you can get a little more life out of it.  If you are having issues seeing thru it, then it needs to be replaced.


Remember a clean filter is what helps prevent the bad stuff, like pollen, bacteria and dust from getting into your house.  Once this gets plugged, air cannot get thru, and it will cause your blower to stop working.  And things can just get worse from there.  So save yourself some time, and money and change those filters.

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